Here is a fun list of links I’ve put together for you – some of which you have received before and may have missed in the load of emails you receive daily… others are totally new. If you don’t have the time to browse through this at the office (and I think you don’t;) I encourage you to forward this email to your private email@ddress to look at it during the weekend or evenings after the office. 


DTG Sources

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Themasite (sitetype overzicht voor klanten)

Codeschool video's
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La’Zooz is a decentralized, real time, lift-share platform, owned by its users and run on digital Zooz tokens:

New York company Bond takes handwriting samples and teaches them to a robot, enabling businesses and consumers to send personal, cursive-written letters from a smartphone:

Roadie is a peer-to-peer shipping network which enables drivers to fill their empty back seats with their neighbor’s cargo:

Trackmemo is a digital platform which creates a single personalized feed of updates from all the major cloud applications:

Anou is language-free interface enabling Moroccan artisans to sell handmade items directly to consumers around the world. The platform is designed to be simple for artisans to use after a little training:

In an effort to help clean up local beaches, Uruguayan shoe brand MAMUT are accepting plastic bottles as payment for their summer line:

CityShelf uses a combined search tool to enable consumers to search for books across eight of New York’s independent bookstores:

Netherlands-based photo printing service Picattoos offers to print temporary tattoos of users’ favourite Instagram snaps: ;)